Lumbar Rolls

Filled with carded layered wool

Available in a wide range of fabrics and colours

Removable covers available in a range of fabrics.


30cm x 10cm - $30NZD

30cm x 20cm - $35NZD

40cm x 20cm - $40NZD

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Lumbar Roll Stack

Lumbar Rolls Yellow




Garden Kneelers

Hand Painted Jute, each with a unique design

Filled with carded layered wool

Ideal to aid in the prevention of sore knees and joints

Length 66cm x Width 20cm x Thickness 15cm - $30NZD

Length 66cm x Width 30cm x Thickness 15cm - $40NZD

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Kneeler Stack




Comfort Strips

Ideal for the relief and prevention of the pain and discomfort caused by blisters, sores and so much more


Each pack contains a 1 metre strip of pure New Zealand wool

Simply wind out the roll, cut to the desired size and wrap around the affected area.
Each pack is intended for a single use.

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Kiwi Wool Insulation

Safe Natural Wool that keeps your home ..... Warm in Winter Cool in Summer. Reduces heat loss or gain by up to 66% and is a natures dehumidifier. Kiwi Wool Insulation reduces condensation, environmentally friendly and helps keep your living environment dry and comfortable.

The Advantages of KiwiWool Insulation

KiwiWool insulation provides natural protection from cold, heat a

nd noise.Wool has many advantages over man made fibres.

  • Wool absorbs and releases moisture vapour, acting as a stabiliser to reduce humidity and condensation.
  • Wool has outstanding soundproofing qualities. The structure of wool fibres allows them to absorb airborne and ground level noise.
  • Wool is a safe, natural, environmentally friendly, renewable resource that has been used since prehistoric times for its superior insulation properties.

KiwiWool Fill is blown in making it especially useful for ceilings that are difficult to access. KiwiWool Batting comes in roll out form for walls and ceilings. We provide a full installation service for KiwiWool Batting and KiwiWool Fill. KiwiWool Batting is quick to install yourself. No protective wear is necessary and the batting can be easily torn to size.

 Kiwi Wool Insulation

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